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Plastic Extrusions in Renewable Energy

To help support these renewable energy markets, ACE manufactures and supplies diverse plastic extrusion components. Depending on the specific requirements of your application, our team is capable of creating products using a variety of materials; these include polyurethane, high and linear low density polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride (PVC), or recycled materials.

Our material selection for renewable energy components is based on factors such as resistance to heat, pressure, and chemical, resilience and dimensional stability, and cost-efficiency.

Here are renewable energy applications that benefit from ACE’s high-quality, American-made components.

Wind power

Our plastic extruded products are often used as grounding equipment. With our ground sleeve tubes, wind turbines can easily dissipate excess energy. Since these turbines are at great such heights, they are susceptible to the effects of lightning. Ground sleeve tubes safeguard the mechanical components of wind turbines.

Solar power

Damage from lightning is also a concern when working with solar power arrays.  Ground solar panel rods can absorb most surges, but can still fail when faced with massive amounts of energy. We manufacture plastic sleeves that offer superior protection for these rods to keep your energy flowing.

Rechargeable batteries

A popular source of renewable energy, rechargeable batteries power several electric components. ACE is a long-time supplier of durable plastic products; these include battery spacers, sleeves, jackets, handles, and casings. These products are often used in marine, automotive, and heavy equipment industries.

The engineering and manufacturing teams at ACE work closely with customers to provide products that meet and exceed the distinctive requirements of renewable energy industries. Additionally, we offer assembly services if needed.

Energy is among the world’s most important commodities. No matter where you look, energy is constantly being utilized—it powers street lamps, residential and commercial buildings, industrial machinery, and more. Though energy applications are infinite, energy itself is a very limited resource.

The limited ability to obtain this resource led to the creation of renewable energy—an inexhaustible energy source that has significantly less impact on the environment as compared to conventional technologies. Renewable energy is produced naturally using wind and solar power, and other means as well.

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