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Drinking Straws

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No bar, cocktail lounge, restaurant, or coffee shop is complete without straws and stirrers. They are essential parts of every establishment serving drinks. Whether caffeinated or alcoholic, hot or iced, shaken or stirred, no drink is complete without a stirrer or straw. Absolute Custom Extrusions are industry-leading experts at manufacturing coffee stirrers, cocktail stirrers, and drinking straws distributed worldwide. With over 35 years of experience, our plastic extrusions such as stirrers and straws are widely used in the restaurant, beverage, and hospitality industries.

Coffee Stirrers

ACE coffee stirrers are used around the world by a large variety of food and beverage distributors. In particular, our plastic coffee stirrers are popular with coffee roasting companies, who ship our stirrers along with their coffee products to anywhere their coffee is sold. Our stirrers have been used in offices, break rooms, special events, shops, and host of other locations worldwide. At ACE, we are capable of manufacturing plastic coffee stirrers 5” in length, as well as in a variety of custom lengths and shapes.

Cocktail and Collins Stirrers

At ACE, we take great pride in our decades-long experience in manufacturing cocktail and Collins stirrers of the highest possible quality. Food and beverage distributors throughout the world have made our stirrers available to international consumers. Our plastic cocktail stirrers are available in a rainbow of colors, and popular with distributors in every country as reliable and economical accessories for any restaurant, bar, special event, or hospitality establishment. ACE’s plastic stirrers are typically available in 5” lengths for cocktail stirrers and 8” lengths for Collins stirrers, as well as any custom length you may need.

Drinking Straws

ACE has been proudly producing drinking straws for well over 55 years. Food and beverage suppliers both large and small, domestic and international, distribute our full product line of custom plastic straws including milk and jumbo drinking straws. ACE’s Poly drinking straws are found in almost every break room, restaurant, bar, and hospitality center around the world. Our milk straws are widely found in school cafeterias and lunch programs, a result of our streamline bidding process dedicated to helping institutions find cost-effective solutions for supplying students with a consistent and quality product. No matter how complex your need for custom drinking straws or cocktail stirrers, ACE will always deliver the highest quality solution for your establishment or event. We also offer branded options for straws, stirrers, or any type of plastic extrusion you may need. 

Please see our complete list of standard cocktail stirrers and drinking straws below to include description, colors and packaging information.

We also can produce custom stirrers and straws.

Item, Color & Packaging Info

5” Round Coffee Stirrer (Brown)

  • .134" OD x .118" ID x 5" Long
  • Packaged 10/1,000’s
    • 10,000 Units/Case
    • 1 Color/Case

5” Cocktail Stirrer (Assorted Colors)

  • .128" OD x .117" ID x 5" Long
  • Packaged 10/1,000’s
    • 10,000 Units/Case
    • 2 Colors/Case

8” Collins Stirrer (Assorted Colors)

  • .170" OD x .160" ID x 8" Long
  • Packaged 10/500’s
    • 5,000 Units/Case
    • 1 Color/Case

8” Collins Stirrer (White)

  • .170" OD x .160" ID x 8" Long
  • Packaged 50/500’s
    • 25,000 Units/ Case
    • 1 Color/Case

5 ¾” Jumbo Milk Straw (Clear, White or Black)

  • .235" OD x 223" ID x 5 3/4" Long
  • Packaged 50/250’s
    • 12,500 Units/Case
    • 1 Color/Case

7 3/4J-50
7 ¾” Jumbo Drinking Straw (Clear, White or Black)

  • .235" OD x .223" ID x 7 3/4" Long
  • Packaged 50/250’s
    • 12,500 Units/Case
    • 1 Color/Case

10 3/4J-5000
10 ¾” Jumbo Drinking Straw (Black)

  • .235" OD x .223" ID x 10 3/4" Long
  • Packaged 5,000/Poly Bag
    • 5,000 Units/Case
    • 1 Color/Case


  • Commercial Food & Beverage Distributors
  • Display & P-O-P
  • Hospitality
  • Housewares, Appliances & Home Furnishings
  • Janitorial
  • Medical, Dental, Veterinarian, Laboratory & Pharmaceutical
  • Packaging
  • Research & Development
  • Sporting Goods, Hobbies, Crafts, Games & Toys

Standard Colors

  • Red
  • Green
  • Yellow
  • Blue
  • Orange
  • Purple
  • Black
  • White

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