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At Absolute Custom Extrusions (ACE) we offer custom plastic extrusion, profiles, and tubing designed to reflect your specific needs down to the last detail. We have long recognized that industries look for design, performance, quality, service, and attentive follow-through when considering a manufacturer for their plastic tubing or profile extrusions. We work daily to exceed our customers' expectations.

From pre-prototype to post-production, ACE has the capability and technology to do it all. We serve large and small companies in industries ranging from automotive to medical, with tough material requirements to tight tolerances in America, Canada, Mexico, and Europe.

Regardless of where you are or what industry you represent, you can count on ACE for personalized service and customer satisfaction. With 35 years in the business, we can proudly state our commitment to serving you one-on-one. That means fast quotation service or material recommendation is just a phone call away. Your questions are always answered promptly by our adept service staff, and you receive the assistance you need with no delays or confusion.

When considering your next plastic extrusion job, consider ACE. We've got it all...

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Please contact your ACE sales representative at 414-332-8133 or email to discuss products and services.


DieCustom Profile Tooling
ACE, Absolute Custom Extrusions has access to the best tool & die resources available. The expertise to build the most sophisticated, streamlined and serviceable dies is at our fingertips. Modern electrical discharge machining (EDM) technology enhances tool quality and cost-effectiveness.

Whatever your design specifications, our engineers and other qualified staff members are ready to assist you in making the wisest product choice. We'll help answer your questions regarding overall effectiveness and propose viable alternatives if necessary.

Working with an experienced designer before a product is specified can help reduce pre-production and in-production costs.

Please contact your ACE sales representative at 414-332-8133 or email to discuss products and services.