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P-O-P Display

ACE provides several high-quality plastic extruded products to suit the diverse promotional applications of the display industry. These products include:

Point of Sale Displays (POS)

These are usually small displays located near cash registers. When customers are ready to complete a transaction, POS displays can encourage one or more impulse purchases.

Point of Purchase Displays (POP)

When customers’ eyes are caught by these larger, more elaborate displays, that level of interest can steer toward a sale in your favor.

Banner Holders

Many businesses utilize banners to quickly inform passersby about current or future sales events, product offerings, and much more. A well-designed banner can help generate foot traffic for your store.

Shelf Edging

These products can be fitted to shelves within your store and often include custom text, logos, and other information.

Price Tag Holders

As their name implies, these small products are used to hold various types of price tags using durable clips. Ideal for presenting your most stunning price tags.

ACE’s tooling inventory includes a wide range of stock shapes and sizes for various POP products; we also provide custom products to meet your unique needs. Thanks to our extensive inventory, special tooling isn’t necessary for these products—this helps reduce your costs significantly. We also utilize reprocessed materials to reduce your costs even further.

Have you ever entered a store with the intention of purchasing one product and ended up choosing another? If so, you were probably influenced by point of purchase (POP) displays—marketing tools that rely on visual cues (such as images) to make products look more professional, and more importantly, more alluring to potential customers.

Successful POP displays draw people to products in a very subtle manner; these products can catch the eyes of passing consumers with robust designs and styles. Since people process visual information up to 60,000 times faster than words, oftentimes they can’t help but to be enticed by store displays. Once consumers are engaged visually, your chances for making a sale become that much stronger.
Common promotional display products include card holders, menus, shipping tubes, advertising panels, and much more. In addition to enticing potential customers, these products can be used to provide stores with a neater, more organized appearance.

Other Uses:

  • Card Holders
  • Display Menus
  • Shipping Tubes
  • Advertising Panels
    • Poster Clips
    • Price Tag Clips
    • Price Tag Molding and Channels




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