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Protective Packaging

Customers use ACE, Absolute Custom Extrusions, Inc. protective packaging tubes to protect delicate products ranging from telescope lenses during shipping and transport, to fishing rods that will be displayed at retail locations.

As a solution that evolved from innovative use of our plastic golf tubes, ACE protective packaging tubes have resolved many quality issues that arise during shipping, storage and transport for a wide array of products.

Made from extruded High Density Polyethylene, ACE protective packaging tubes are manufactured to effectively transport, store or display your products while offering these benefits and options:

  • Lightweight for easy handling and economical shipping
  • Durable tubing for protection and separation of product
  • Reusable for added convenience, reduced costs
  • Economical
  • Private label packaging
  • UPC label application
  • Recycled materials can be used as specifications permit
  • Available colors include: Black, White, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Orange & Purple

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