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Regular & Oversized Golf Tubes

ACE, Absolute Custom Extrusions, Inc. has produced extruded plastic golf tubes for more than 35 years and is considered a pioneer in the industry. As one of the first companies to design and manufacture plastic tubes for golf clubs, ACE supplies major golf equipment manufacturers and sporting goods retailers with oversized and custom golf tubes to separate golf clubs in golf bags, protect clubs during shipping and display golf clubs at retail.

As one of our specialties, ACE golf tubes are economical and have numerous other uses, from protective packaging to other sporting goods applications.

Made from durable, lightweight High Density Polyethylene, ACE golf tubes are typically rolled on one end and reinforced with a metal ring. Options include:

  • Multiple sizes available to fit regular and oversized golf clubs or other custom sizes
  • Private label packaging
  • UPC label application
  • Recycled materials can be used as specifications permit
  • Recycled packaging available

Standard Golf Club Tube Sizes

Regular Sized Golf Tubes:

  • 1.230" OD x 1.180" ID x 0.25" Wall x 34" Long
  • One End Rolled and Reinforced with a Metal Ring
  • Color: Black

Oversized Golf Tubes Dimensions:

  • 1.330" OD x 1.280" ID x .025" Wall x 34" Long
  • One End Rolled with Reinforced Ring.
  • Color: Black

Custom Golf Tubes Available

  • Custom Lengths
  • Tubes can be Rolled and Reinforced with a Metal Ring
  • Available colors include: Black, White, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Orange & Purple

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