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Medical Grade Plastic Extrusions

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Absolute Custom Extrusion uses the extrusion process to shape plastic into a variety of products including plastic tubing, profiles, coated wire & cable, as well as other high-quality items. The extrusion process at ACE uses the finest materials, selected based on your needs, which are fed into a die that has been precisely engineered for your project.

The preferred method of plastic extrusion depends on the design of the die, which determines the profile. ACE plastic extrusions have a cross sectional shape, that can be long channels or corner components, and can vary in width from as small as 1/8th inch to 6 inches with a wall thickness of .030” to .250”. The design of the thickness and width depends on the requirements and specifications of the customer’s project. The final step in the process is the determination of the length of the final product, which can be of any dimension.

The plastic extrusion process at Absolute Custom Extrusion begins with the design of the profile. ACE customers provide the application and requirements for their product and the highly trained engineers at ACE use the provided customer information to design a profile. This profile is then used in the creation of a prototype for the customer’s inspection. ACE realizes that this aspect of the process is crucial in producing the most efficient and economical plastic product.

The beauty of the ACE’s plastic extrusion process is the ability to create a unique product for any application. Tubing, pipe, high grade medical supplies, and sporting goods can be manufactured in volume, to exact requirements and total satisfaction. ACE customers can plan a project around an extruded product and have it manufactured precisely to their specifications.

In an effort to economize and remain environmentally aware, ACE incorporates selected recycled plastic materials, to be repurposed for utilization in a new product. It is ACE’s commitment to providing high quality products with a concern for the needs of the community, their customers, and society that allows us to implement these successful campaigns.

Absolute Custom Extrusion works with customers from all industries, regardless of their size, to create custom, lasting plastic extrusion products. As a leader in the plastic fabrication industry, ACE’s high-quality products are supported by years of experience and a desire to manufacture a product that completely fulfills customer requirements.

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